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URsearch (Windows OS)

  A browse and search application, which consists of a database with all scanned Unsearchable Riches magazines from 1909 till the year 1999 (Volumes 1-90), converted and styled in HTML. The database is fully searchable. Also it is possible to print selected pages.

Please be aware that even after extended proofreading, some OCR/conversion errors (usually minor and self-evident) still exist in the textual content of URsearch. Also, note that while certain of the printed pages of the original Unsearchable Riches magazines themselves occasionally contain typographic complexities, graphic figures, or other images, these are generally not reflected or otherwise represented within the URsearch program's own html-database.

Individual articles from Unsearchable Riches magazine whether contained within the URsearch program, in printed form, on the website, or any other website, may be reproduced solely for personal use and in unaltered form. All other rights (including print and Internet publishing) are reserved by copyright holder, the Concordant Publishing Concern ( (P.O. Box 449 Almont, MI 48003, U.S.A.)

URsearch Version 0.8.0
Copyright 2016 André de Mol

Unsearchable Riches HTML text
Copyright 2011 Concordant Publishing Concern



Download: URsearch_v0_8_0.exe   (5-Apr-2016)


05-Apr-2016  version 0.8.0 - fixed zoom problems with wrong letter spacing.
17-Feb-2015  version 0.7.0 - fixed html rendering (vol 78, 90)
- better zoom
- new installer
09-Apr-2012  version 0.6.0 - added: index search button
- updated: search much faster when there are lots (>500) of  hits
23-Aug -2011  version 0.5.4 - first published


URsearch in Action

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URsearch in action